Our club is comprised of residents of the Sun City Anthem community who are interested in critical issues affecting our world.  Join us in helping our country move forward to a brighter future!


Our Legislature is in Session!

Learn what bills are being discussed and GET INVOLVED!

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Meeting Schedule
Wednesday, March 17th

Guest Speaker:

Annette Magnus

Annette Magnus will be our guest speaker at our February meeting.  Annette is a political science graduate of UNLV.  She has become a familiar face throughout the state as an outspoken advocate for progressive causes. She has also served as Co-Chair of the Nevada Women's Lobby, a board member of Emerge Nevada, and Public Affairs Manager at Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada.  Annette will provide a preview of the Nevada 2021 legislative session, bills that we should be watching for and how they will affect our community.


Battle Born Progress is a progressive organization that advocates and lobbies for progressive issues.  Battle Born Progress does the hard work behind holding legislators accountable, educating the next generation about advocacy and justice, and helping people get and stay connected with other activists. They work tirelessly in northern and southern Nevada when civil rights are under attack. They use strategic communication efforts to empower, engage and mobilize Nevada voters to build a state where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed.

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2020 board: (l to R):
Bob Haughey, Treasurer
Diane Askwyth VP
Ramonda Haycocks, Pres
Fran Smith Membership
Neil Matzkin co-secy
Ann Burke co-secy

We are the Sun City Anthem Democrats Club. We attract people in SCA who have a very real interest in the political discourse in our community, state and country. Members bring their own experiences with them and seek out our club as a means of expression. It's not surprising that our democratic members have taken on the similar litany of issues and national agenda matters that one sees in our media and political dialogue.

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