Election 2020

Joe and Kamala
Volunteer Recruitment Phonebank
  When:  Thursday and Saturday, 2-3 pm every week
  Where to sign up:  https://www.mobilize.us/nvdems/event/270492/
Direct Voter Contact Phonebank
  When:  Saturday and Sunday, 12-2:00 pm, 2-4:00 pm, 4-6:00 pm
  Where to sign up:  https://www.mobilize.us/nvdems/event/292431/
Textbank Training (must be completed before joining a Textbank)
  When:  Tuesday and Thursday, 6-7:00 pm every week
  Where to sign up:  https://www.mobilize.us/nvdems/event/295126/
Susie Lee
Phonebanks, postcards, etc.